Welcome to Twister Biotech

Twister Biotech was created around the break-through and disruptive platform technology, MiniVectors,that originated in the laboratory of Dr. Lynn Zechiedrich at Baylor College of Medicine.

MiniVectors are supercoiled DNA minicircles containing only the sequence of interest, as small as a few hundred base pairs, compared to traditional plasmids that are orders of magnitude larger.

These tiny, twisted up circles allow the first explorations of active DNA, and proteins or drugs that act on DNA. MiniVectors transfect a wide range of cells types, have superior transfection efficiency, persist in cells, and can be used for targeted integration with CRISPR proteins, transposons, or zinc fingers.

Experiments have demonstrated that MiniVectors are a safe and effective platform for getting DNA into “difficult-to-transfect” cells, such as primary and stem cells.

Twister Biotech has built a strong IP portfolio covering the manufacturing and use of supercoiled minicircle DNA for various research and clinical applications.

Twister’s primary mission is to provide MiniVectors to researchers to enable better transfection efficiencies and allow longer-term effects to be observed.