Tracking Reporter Genes

MiniVectors display robust expression of fluorescence reporters for tracking gene targets

Current approaches for identifying and tracking a gene target can be tedious and minimally effective. Fluorescent tags are short-lived, often cytotoxic, and quickly diluted in rapidly dividing cell populations. Generating a stable cell line expressing a fluorescent reporter is a much more robust technique, however until now this process can take months or may be impossible when working with difficult to transfect cell types.


Benefits of the MiniVector System for Tracking Reporter Genes:

  • Excellent transfection efficiency
      Their compact size allows them to be taken into even the most difficult to transfect cells with minimal transfection agent
  • Exceptional stability
      Unlike sensitive fluorescent dyes, MiniVectors are stable at room temperature and are always ready for the next experiment
  • Long term reporter expression
      With the bacterial sequences removed, MiniVectors resist silencing once inside the cell, leading to weeks or months of stable reporter expression
  • Simple and easy to use format
        No need for complicated, viral-based gene delivery to achieve stable expression