Presentation – Structural diversity of supercoiled DNA

Lynn ZechiedrichThe Sixth Annual FGA Stone Symposium

Speaker: Professor, Elizabeth Lynn Zechiedrich
(Department of Pathology and Immunology Baylor College of Medicine, USA)

Date & Time: May 16th Monday, 2016 11:15-11:45 AM

Venue: Baylor Sciences Building. (Baylor University, Waco TX)

Honors Fred Guengerich (Vanderbilt University) for his extreme insights into DNA polymerase enzymatic and structural mechanisms at DNA damage sites.

Dr. F. Gordon A. Stone, who came to Baylor University in 1990 as The Robert A. Welch Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, has mentored some 85 students from around the world who have earned doctorates under his supervision, and more than 100 postdoctoral students from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia have studied in his laboratory. The Robert A. Welch Foundation of Houston funds approximately 25 Welch chairs in Texas institutions that offer Ph.D. programs in chemistry and are active in research.

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