MiniVectors to Deliver Genes for Protein and Peptide Expression

mv-CMV-TurboGFP: Sent 5ug sample at 220 ng/µl in TE buffer, pH 8.0

Experiment courtesy of:
Jan Strnadel, Ph.D.
UCSD School of Medicine
Department of Pathology
Moores Cancer Center

MiniVector encoding a fluorescent reporter protein was injected into day 0 zebrafish embryo. Expression of TurboGFP was evaluated by confocal microscopy over multiples days post injection.


Zebrafish embryos at day 0 post fertilization were injected with MiniVector DNA (100 ng/mL in TE buffer). The embryos were imaged at day 3, 5, and 9 post fertilization using a NIKON CSi Eclipse confocal microscope. A control embryo which did not receive an injection was also evaluated for comparison. Injections were performed by Dr. Huawei Wang, developmental biologist.




Expression of TurboGFP in the injected embryos was observed at all three time points evaluated. The reporter signal was most prominent in muscle fiber-like structures along the zebrafish midline. Punctate expression in other tissues was also observed. No reporter expression or background fluorescence was observed in the control embryo.