DNA Vaccine Conference


July 2014 – San Diego, CA

The International Society of DNA Vaccines is an organization created to facilitate the advancement of therapeutic and preventive DNA vaccines. The society is comprised of international scientists and researchers who have dedicated their careers to improving world health and the advancement of DNA vaccines and therapies.

DNA Vaccines

In the early 1990s it was discovered that genetically engineered DNA can be delivered in vaccine form to elicit an immune response. Years of research using DNA vaccines generated a great deal of excitement in the potential capabilities of this technology as well as frustration due to the failure of the vaccines to demonstrate high levels of vaccine-specific immunity in humans (which resulted from vaccine plasmids not getting into enough cells). Since then, there has been great progress in the scientific understanding and clinical advancement of this platform that has brought DNA vaccines back on a productive path. Several factors have contributed to this progress, including a high level of cooperation between industry, regulatory authorities, the public, and academicians and technical improvements such as gene optimization strategies, improved RNA structural design, novel formulations and immune adjuvants, and more effective delivery approaches.

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