BioNetwork Partnering Summit


October 2014 – Laguna Niguel, CA

1:1 Partnering Meetings

At BioNetwork our attendees say, what you put into the 1:1 partnering you will get out of the partnering. The summit is enjoyed best when you plan ahead and put time into planning your partnering experience in advance of the conference. What does this look like? Below is an overview of the 1:1 partnering meetings and how to maximize ROI of your time spent at the BioNetwork partnering summit.

About The Partnering Meetings:

Throughout all three days of the event, we offer private meeting rooms that can be booked for 30-minute time blocks. Four weeks before BioNetwork you will receive an email with instructions on how to register for the private partnering meetings online. You will have access to the list of participating companies and who will be representing them, along with a brief description of their firm and partnership aspirations. You may schedule as many or as little partnering meetings throughout the three days as your schedule allows. Once you receive an accepted invitation from a potential partner, you will automatically be scheduled into a private partnering room. The partnering site is live through all three days of the event, and you can access it on your mobile device.

Please contact Caitlin Vance with any questions regarding the one-to-one partnering site: Contact Us

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