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Twister Biotech was created around the break-through and disruptive technology, MiniVectors™
Twister has developed MiniVectors™
Supercoiled DNA Minicircles Containing ONLY the Sequence of Interest
MiniVectors™ can Deliver any Sequence
Including: RNAs (RNAi, miRNA, shRNA, lncRNA, etc.) Genes ● Proteins Peptides ● Antibodies ● DNA Vaccines Aptamers ● DNA repair templates

What are MiniVectors?

MiniVectors are supercoiled DNA minicircles containing ONLY the sequence of interest, as small as a few hundred base pairs, compared to traditional plasmids that are orders of magnitude larger. Experiments have demonstrated that MiniVectors are a safe and effective platform for getting DNA into “difficult-to-transfect” cells, such as primary and stem cells. These tiny, twisted up circles allow the first explorations of active DNA, and proteins or drugs that act on DNA.

Why Choose MiniVectors?

MiniVectors provide superior transfection efficiency
MiniVectors provide superior transfection efficiency

MiniVector DNA transfects every cell type we have tried, including: aortic smooth muscle cells, suspension lymphoma cells and other difficult to transfect cell types.

MiniVectors can be nebulized
MiniVectors can be nebulized

Minivector DNA survives mechanical shear forces and survives enzymatic degradation by human serum nucleases.

MiniVectors survive human serum
MiniVectors survive human serum

DNA plasmid vector systems are stable and targeted genes can be regulated for several months by maintaining selection for the plasmid.

MiniVectors show reduced toxicity to cells
MiniVectors show reduced toxicity to cells

MiniVector delivery requires less DNA mass, which means less toxicity to cells.

MiniVectors Can Deliver any Sequence!

Experiments have demonstrated that MiniVectors are a safe and effective platform for getting DNA into “difficult-to-transfect” cells, such as primary and stem cells.


Expression of shRNA or miRNA from a MiniVector allows silencing to continue for longer time periods since multiple copies are continually expressed from each MiniVector.


MiniVectors deliver only the promoter and gene of interest. This results in minimal transfection agent requirements, exceptionally compact size, and elimination of bacterial or unnecessary sequences.

Proteins / Antibodies

A MiniVector DNA delivered by aerosolization into mouse lungs expressed a gene that was translated into a functional protein.

DNA Vaccines

The small size of an MiniVectors enables improved resistance to the shearing forces associated with e.g. pneumatic delivery methods.


DNA Repair Templates

MiniVectors may comprise a nucleic acid sequence template for homology-directed repair, alteration, or replacement of the targeted DNA sequence within a cell in vivo or in vitro.


We Can Help You Make Discoveries!

Technology Publications

This Patented Technology has been Demonstrated in Several Peer-Reviewed Publications

Meet the Team

  • Chris Coker
  • Lynn Zechiedrich, PhD
    Lynn Zechiedrich, PhDFounder & Chief Scientific Officer

    C.E.O. and President of Twister Biotech, Dr. Zechiedrich holds the Kyle and Josephine Morrow Chair in Molecular Virology and Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine. She is Professor in the departments of Molecular Virology and Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Pharmacology. Known internationally for her work on DNA structure/function, Dr. Zechiedrich has won numerous research and mentoring awards.

  • Martin M. Matzuk, MD PhD
    Martin M. Matzuk, MD PhDResearch & Development

    Dr. Matzuk is treasurer and a manager of Twister Biotech. He holds the Stuart A. Wallace Chair and Robert L. Moody, Sr. Chair in Pathology and Immunology and is the Director of the Center for Drug Discovery at Baylor College of Medicine. He is Professor in the Departments of Pathology and Immunology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Molecular and Human Genetics, and Pharmacology.

  • Chris Hebel
    Chris HebelMarketing & Sales

    More than 25 years experience at early stage Biotechnology companies encompassing both product/process development work and entrepreneurial business development work. Mr. Hebel now acts as a consultant to early stage companies developing and commercializing various biotechnology products based on cutting edge technologies.